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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Detroit Lakes, MN

This is the baby cat fish!

Detroit Lakes, MN

This is the peddle boat we were able to use while staying at the RV park there. It was FUN! Ted even like the boat!

Detroit Lakes, MN

This is the lake at the RV park in Detroit Lakes, MN. It was a great place to camp because we were able to use the peddle boat... ya peddle boat not paddle boat. Going through the lily pads was work! The lake was clear and deep in the middle. It was also full of little tiny cat fish and huge snails. The boat dock... a little scarey!


It is so pretty up in Minnesota! Cold but pretty. The mosquitos........ wow they love southern folk we are not as tuff skinned! hahaha

The Youngs!

We stopped to visit and leave a sound system at the Youngs house. They saved their fireworks for us. They fed us more than we could hold then we did some picking lots of visiting and ended with a great fireworks show!

Floyd, IA

For those of you around Floyd, IA the Gospel Lighthouse has a big Gospel singing in September each year. Check them out at I think you would enjoy two days of music and food!

Floyd, IA

We did a gospel concert at the Gospel Lighthouse in Floyd, IA. Great folks! It is a little town and this church has a school of about 300 kids. We had a super lady give us a tour and tell us all about building the church as it grew then the school too.


It Rained! I use my umbrella whenever I can!


The rain is coming!


The storm before we left! It has been raining since we left, if we would have know that would work we would have left quicker!


The storm is moving in. We can watch it coming most of the time. Can you see the rain?


I always post for those who have not seen the places we are going, but some of you have never seen what the country looks like at home so here are a few pictures through a storm we had before we left!

Minneapolis, MN

These are not in order as to the trip! I have waited so long to get pictures up on the blog that I am just getting them up! This is the traffic in Minneapolis, MN when we went up to Pine City, MN.

Lance's picture

I thought this was a neat picture that Lance took. He was "turning knobs" on his camera and took this one. Pretty even with the bugs! You all do know that God is a male..... If he was female he would not have made bugs!

Pine City, MN

This is Adrienne and Steve middle left of the picture and Gary and Janet at the front of the table. We had a pizza supper with rootbeer floats and a fun evening of game playing. Last year they took us boating, and swimming in the lake just two blocks north of their house. But it was way to cold for that this year. We really enjoy them very much. Thanks for everything! Adrienne works very hard on the Art in the Park summer concerts up there!

Pine City, MN

This is the salt storehouse for the winter roads!

I just want to try out the snow shoe things. I think that would be fun but don't know if I could stand the cold. We played a saturday there and it was 51 that morning and got up to 60 degrees! For this little southern band it was cold!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

picture's later!

well the joys of traveling also means cell phone internet and that is next to impossible to get pictures up on the blog so I thought I would just write you a little letter about what is going on.

The Vega blugrass festival was great. Friday the wind was bad, but who isn't use to that in our country right. The report I got was there were more people there Friday than there were all weekend at Tulia. I didnt' count the folks but it sure was good to talk to the ones we know and meet new friends. We left there Saturday night drove to Rush Springs, OK for a church concert. We attended the church service that morning and played a few song, then did a concert that night. The folks were so nice to us and we made new friends! Great people! Ted (Landon's dog) made her first trip to the trimmer! Sharon took her over to her house and clipped her hair so fancy! Thanks Sharon! (hopefully Landon was watching... so he knows how next time she needs a hair cut) We had a great supper when the concert was over, than spent some time with Ann and Stanley! Now that was fun. She almost has me convinced to start writing all the stories the LLL has of the past happenings!
We spent Monday with our friends the Youngs from Guthrie. FIREWORKS that night that was fun, and we ate more food that was great!
Tuesday we drove to Des Moines, Iowa. Parked at the Adventureland RV park. It was cold and during the night we got a real big storm! You CAN'T sleep when it is hailing on the bus. It was worse than the night we parked under pecan trees and the wind blew them out of the trees! Plus the storm alert kept going off.... Even the dog was scared!
Wednesday we went to Mason City to the Alltel cell phone office......... Landon dropped his phone in his water cup! It doesn't swim well. It doesn't work well now either. Then we drove on to Floyd, Iowa. (with the broke phone) We played a gospel concert there. It was neat. We also got a tour of the Gospel Lighthouse Church with a tour guide who told us all the history of the church. wow what a neat place. Thanks to all the folks there! More food! We also visited a music store and Lance played and wanted a fiddle that was there. NICE NICE... However he is poor and has no money! haha
Thursday we drove up to Pine City, MN.... it's 60 degrees and lower here! Man from 107 to 60 degrees it feels really cold. Oh ya and laundry day. I love laundry mats. All the clothes done in a little over an hour. That means 8 loads washed and dried in an hour! COOL
Tomorrow we are going with friends to the lake for a boat ride and supper on the boat. Amy sits in the middle of the boat! Last year Landon and Levi went swimming this year it is looking to cold. Saturday we play here in Pine City at the Park. More post to come.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carlsbad CGMA

How about this fancy guitar player! This was warming up before we played in Carlsbad. The river is in the back ground. It was a fun night!

Country Gospel Music Assoc. Western Division

Triple L Won the Silver Heart Award Bluegrass Artist of the Year from the Country Gospel Music Association from Branson, Missouri in the Western Division. What an honor for us! Thanks CGMA folks who voted for us! We had a really great time down there the evening we were able to go. Nice folks! Check them out online!


The Coles stayed a couple days after the festival and we sure had some fun. Stayed up late visiting, played on the sandhills, they had some target shooting going on... sledding. It was just really fun. Glad they came. They also have a blog you can check out. Look for the picture of Brad and the lady from Rio Rancho! Either he is really tall or she is really short. Or maybe both.


They are growing up fast and I guess most of them are young men no boys! Fine young men at that. This is.... Coles (2 families) Hunts, Triple L, and Dillion Hanks. They are all very talented and are using that talent God gave them in a positive way!
Levi, Lance, Madison, Travis and Brad Cole, (row two) Andrew Hunt, Landon (front) Jonathan Hunt, Logan Cole (could become a part of Triple L... his name starts with an L!) Dillion Hanks
And Lynnette Coles hands and camera!

Hanks & Company

This is Danny! Great singer, song writer, fiddle player, and guitar player. He is part of the Hanks & Company Band! Check them out online or at a festival near you! Plus check out their dog a few blog posts down!

Portales Heritage Days!

This is an all band jam at the end of the day. What a fun fun time and awesome music. The bands that played did a really great great job and they are just fun folks to be around. Coles Bluegrass from Kansas, The Hunts from Oklahoma, Hanks & Company from Texas, The Foley Bluegrass from Portales.... The Triple L Band thanks you all so much for a great two days of concerts!

Triple L Dog!

This is "Biggin" he is so perfect to brand with LLL. All it takes is a black marker and someone to hold him still! That is the hard part. When his owners get on stage we usually get a chance to keep track of him and guess what... Branding Time!

Sound Man

Lance is in training to be a sound man! He run the sound for the Heritage Days festival and did a really good job. Then bought more speakers.... Come home and set the system up in the yard. I am sure you could hear it a mile away. But it did sound nice! So if you have an event you need a sound man and he has what be required to do the sound you can reach him at
This is a free add..... made by Triple L Band Blog Master! HAHAHA