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Saturday, February 21, 2009


This is us on the last day of the SPBGMA contest! Photo taken by our friend Andy from Minnesota! Thanks Andy! We were 12 place in all 3 rounds, but hey that is consistant huh? Men of the Week beat us! congratulations to them. The band that won is Brand New Strings. They were really really good.

Landing in Lubbock, TX

And here is a picture of Lubbock, TX...... Note the "room to stretch your arms" we have here in this area! In other words there are not many trees!

Nashville from the air

This is all we could see of Nashville when we landed there! I was a little worried when we

cleared the clouds the ground would right there! But it wasn't!

Dallas, TX

Veiw of Dallas, TX from the airplane

Birmingham, AL

I just wanted to share a few pictures from the air to show you some country side differences! We left Nashville went to Alabama then to Dallas then to Lubbock........ then safe and on the ground!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pretty House!

How about this house! This was one of many in an area south of Nashville, called Brentwood. Man they would have to come with maid huh?

Amy's Hero!!

My favorite girl singer ever ever ever.... Dale Ann Bradley
You need to hear her sing. She is great.

Brianna's hero!

Becky Buller playing with the Daughters of Bluegrass in their booth. She can really play that fiddle! She is one happy lady.

SPBGMA convention in Nashville

Levi found a jamming buddy! They are playing Rawhide.

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

This car even had a gun behind each front seat for the back seat folks if they needed one! This is Webb Pierce's car. He paid $20,000 to have it custom made to his liking! He had great taste.... neat car! If you click on the picture it will make it bigger for you to read.

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

This is Landon's dream car! He loved it. The knobs on the radio, wipers, lights and what everelse needed a knob where horse heads. Down the sides of the back over the back tires was a long rifle of chrome. Horses on the back bumper and this is the inside. Silver dollars covered the dash.

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

The door handles and hood ornament where guns.

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

The coolest car ever!

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

Flatt and Scruggs's guitar and banjo.

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

Cool huh! I wish I could have played with this some. It was locked behind the glass.

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

This vault was open so you could see in. This one was full of old records, you know the ones my kids don't know what they are!

Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

These are the music record vaults that are in the music hall of fame. Three stories of Vault. The vault that had the old records are being converted to digital format and saved on cd's. What a job huh? The pictures are hard to see but we couldn't use the flash while we were in there. Sorry!

The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

This was the gold record walls it was 3 stories worth, plus there were two other full walls on two floors. There were all kinds of things in there but I think what we enjoyed most was the TV clips movie. We sat and watched that for about 30 minutes.

Building in Nashville

This job isn't for me. It's to close to riding in an airplane! There isn't much room left on the streets of down town Nashville so they have to go up.

Levi wants this for his Birthday!

This pickup was the ultimate hit with the guys.... Not sure if it is because it was camo colored or if it was parked at Pizza Hut! Levi would like to have this for his birthday if anyone is looking for a gift idea!

Fisherman or Bass Player?

The guys said this meant this guy was a great fisherman.... his plates said "bass getter"!

Ernest Tubb Record Shop

If you are like we are at home, you don't see many if any bluegrass cd's in the stores. This store had huge amounts of bluegrass music. One full section (the section Levi is looking at) of just bluegrass. We spent quite a bit of time in there. The pictures around the top of the store were really a history lesson too. Awesome store!

Gruhn Guitar Store

This is a store filled with instruments! It sure is hard to keep your hands in your pockets!

Gruhn Guitar Store

We bought Len's dobro here two years ago. It is a really neat store right on BROADWAY in Nashville. We ventured a little way down the street. There was one guy standing there with his guitar case open and a few dollars in it. He was strumming a guitar and blowing on a harmonica. He had his dog tied to his foot. I didn't have a dollar or I would have put it in! I don't have any money I have kids! That guy didn't have any money he had a dog! haha


SAFE and on the ground! Thank you Jesus. Oh man that flying... we had to sit at the back of the plane, I am talking the back seat of the plane. This man sat on the window side, then me, then Len, everytime the plane jumped from side to side I got squished! If I would have known those little bags were in the seat back in front of me I might have used them! haha! Levi was about to roll in the isle laughing at my pretty new face color of whitish green! Wow! when I left the plane I told the pilot that was not fun! He told me he didn't think it was fun either.

Clouds are so pretty!

This picture was taken out of the window of the airplane on the way to Nashville, TN for the SPBGMA convention. It never ceases to amaze me when you can get a picture of the clouds like this. Scares me a little (ok a lot) when you start landing and all you can see is clouds too! Let me tell you I am not much of a "flyer" I like to have my feet on the ground. I am thinking about hitch hiking home!!! It was really rough at Nashville and we had to circle around for about 20 minutes, which happened to be 30 minutes longer than I wanted to be in the plane! And to think... I was starting to think it was cool to fly just minutes before this! However, hitch hiking is looking good now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things We Take For Granted

This past week we lost a friend to a car wreck. Attending a funeral is always hard, and makes you appreciate your life when you walk out, but attending a funeral for a young lady with so much life left makes you start looking into your life to see what it needs. What are you taking for granted? Perhaps the sunset every night or the sunrise each day. Have you ever thought about a day with out that? There are plenty of simple pleasures in life that we take for granted. Start looking around to notice them. One thing I want you to look at and NOT take for granted is that those around you know Jesus! How terrible it would be to walk out of their funeral knowing they were not saved and going to Heaven. Have you given this any thought or have you just taken it for granted? You never know when a life might end and if you can help to make sure that life isn't "lost" to Jesus, do it! Romans 10:9&10 HEY!!! Hug your kids, tell them you love them, hug your family, tell them you love them and make all the wrongs you can right! !!!***Don't take things for granted***!!!

New Friends

This is our new friend Jerry! He is a really nice guy and we are glad to know him. We played for his church in Clovis, NM the First Baptist Church. We thank God for the friends He sends our way.

Ham Radio

This is Lance climbing his antenna trying to get his new radio to work. I like cell phones! LOL