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Saturday, August 29, 2009

God is Good

Good is so cool! He has given us such pretty things to look at and enjoy. Talk a walk in the evening or early in the morning and see what I mean! Or just go sit on the porch, that works too!

Crown Him King

Coming soon..... Really soon..... Crown Him King Triple L CD! we are down to the last mix (fingers and toes crossed) and then they will master it. Then off to duplication! Yippee! I have all the stuff to the dupicator so he is working on it now. This won't be the exact cover! But it works to let you know whats going on. I am still hoping for Sept. 15th. Check the website or Blog I will let you know when it is available!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mike Long

Levi bought a really nice handmade guitar from Mike Long while we were in Nashville. Our friend Jerri Butler is sponsored by Long Guitars so we went by to check them out. All four guitars are his. Nice guitar! He is holding the one he bought.


Landon has his own street in Brentwood! We didn't even get run over trying to get his picture! Now he wants to live on that street. Is a drive and a street the same thing! haha

Lance & Steve

This is Steve our studio guy. He has a nice car! Are they cool looking or what!


WE have TWO slots to showcase at the
National Quartet Convention now!

Monday, August 17, 2009


"Just the Boys" cd recording about the year 2000? Isn't he cute!


Here is a picture of Lance at the Johnny Mulhair Studio when we recorded "Just the Boys" year 2000 or there abouts.


Landon during the recording of their first cd "Just the Boys' made years ago! Year 2000 I think.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clips of the New CD

Lance put some sound clips on the website of the new CD

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Making a new gospel CD

Here are some pictures of the studio. It is located just south of Nashville, TN. We used two different recording guys. Steve during the day and Gilad after 6pm. they are both nice guys with incredible ears for the right pitch on the bass :( I did more "overs" than anyone this time! We went through lots of coffee too.

New Gospel CD in the making!

We spent 8 days making a new CD in Nashville. Actually it was in Brentwood at the Sunset Blvd Studios. It turned into some long days 9 to 9.... but from what we have heard it was worth it. The equipment he used was great. He made sure the sound coming through the recorder was the same sound as the instruments made before coming through the recorder. I think you will like it. Here are the L's in the studio. Why are all studios dark?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Strawberry Point, IA

Well, where do I start? Len calls this picture "dressed for our own funeral" hahaha We got to Strawberry Point and the storm hit! I mean it hit! At the RV park it was raining tree branches. Once we got parked and the rain quit we went out to the festival. A beautiful place with lots of campers and people! Wow! Anyway, it started raining again and they called off the show until it cleared up. So we headed back to the bus... leaving the tent staked to the ground so it wouldn't blow away! Just as we got to the one and only stop sign in town the tornado sirens went off... so we pulled in the grocery store. We went in to the owner saying "we are closing the doors and everyone to the basement! A tornado is a mile away!" We spent the next 45 minutes in the basement with 9 other folks. It was scarey.... Levi hates the storm radio now when it goes off he says it scares him! Anyway, we survived had a great visit with the sound man for Reo Speed Wagon! He and his wife were nice, and their son kept us informed by cell phone as to what was happening outside. The other folks were also very nice and we enjoyed the visit in the mist of fear! I am not sure I have ever been that scared! THANK YOU JESUS for getting us out of that one.

Strawberry Point, IA

More storm pictures! This is the Grocery store at Strawberry Point!

Strawberry Point, IA


Strawberry Point, IA

The Backbone Bluegrass Festival in Strawberry Point, IA

Strawberry Point, IA

This is our tent we use to put over the CD table... it didnt' blow away, and it holds rain really well! 3 inches of rain!


Levi thought this was a cool picture he took of TED!


These little guys were just cute! To bad they couldn't come home with us!

Northwood Harvest Barn Cowboy Church

Wow what a neat church and great folks. We had 174 people and LOTS of mosquitos! we had a great time what a wonderful place! If you ever get a chance to go to this church it is 13 miles east of Detroit Lakes, MN! Please attend I think you will find you like it enough to continue going!

Turtles in MN

Their turtles in Minnnesota are bigger than our little turtles! I made them go back so we could take pictures of this one. Then he tried to go back on the road and noone would catch him and turn him around so I tried to scoot him... that is why he is turned over! He was heavy and came right back on the highway! I am backing up some I didn't get all the pictures up before we got to Nashville so these are out of order now!