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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Buffalo Feedlot

The boys didn't want to go see anything with the word "feedlot" hooked to it so they didn't go. Well, Joseph and Levi went with my dad and I. It is the Terry Buffalo Ranch just south of Cheyenne. It has a cafe, rv park, gift house, a small zoo, and lots of buffalo. They wouldn't let us go to the feedlot to get a good picture so we took a long shot. There are about 1000 head in the feedlot.

Cheyenne, WY

Is this pretty or what! There were actually two rainbows after the rain but one was a little hard to see.


This was a statue in Cheyenne. At night it was really pretty with the lightingh they had on it. My camera thought it was to dark to take a picture of it at night.

Rinn Cowboy Church

We played for the 3rd time at the Rinn Cowboy Church, in Fredrick Colorado. There are some really neat people there and it was so nice to see them again. It rained when we left! In fact it rained several times while we were up north.

Pretty huh?

Just thought this was a really pretty picture. It is actually in New Mexico. From the RV park in Raton, NM looking to the south west.

Roads of NM

Well, Missouri roads are not straight... winding, curving, hills & narrow. Here is a picture of a straight, long, long road of New Mexico. NOTE.... the lovely lush grass.

Rocky Mountains

This is a picture from the bus window on the way up through Colorado. I am not sure exactly where it is but I think it was just over the Colorado line from the south. It was really cold up there compaired to down here. It was as low as 42 degrees and highs in the 60's! Couldn't decide if I should wear my coat or not!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mary Rocked the Rock

We played at the Circle B Theater in Branson, MO. During the jam afterwards we met the man who wrote Mary Rocked The Rock. A great song that Amy sings. She even sang it while that man was watching! Scared her some. But sure was nice to meet him. He is the guy in the light green shirt at the back. He wrote the song when he was 16 years old. God just sent it to him and he wrote it down.

Lindley Creek Homecoming Concert

This is Lindley Creek Bluegrass and The Triple L Band at the concert in Louisberg, MO. It rained so we had to move it inside. The population of the town was 197 and we had 194 folks in that church. It turned out great and was really fun!

Bus Repair

We had a minor bus engine problem on the way to Dixon, MO from Branson. We had a leak on the exhaust system to the turbo. (NO CLUE what that means) I do know we had no power and the bus was exhausting the folks following us

up those little bitty, curved, hilly roads, with thick black smoke. It was terrible! Anyway, we got to the festival and they had no hookup places for us because they were sold out (awesome thing for them & us) so they parked us by this camper for the night with no electricity. The next day we were able to hook up since some folks went home. Anyway... in this camper next to us was a really nice man who helped work on the bus. He was a retired diesel mechanic from AZ. Thank You God for parking us next to him and thanks for his help! We have a temporary fix that I think will last forever! OH... YA... you never work on the bus that you don't turn black!