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Sunday, May 31, 2009


LLL unloading at the gates of SDC to go to "work" one morning. What a great place to work.


You can ride down town Branson in this buggy.

Silver Dollar City Taffy

This is the taffy store. Wow it smells so good in there. You can watch them make the taffy as well. You can also eat way to much of it.

Silver Dollar City

There are squirrels all over in SDC. Cute little things. The folks over there think they are a pain. But I like them. This one is eating a strawberry. Levi watched two of them having a fight one day. The funniest one was during the flag raising one morning a squirrel run right up to this lady and her little boy. Scared them all three so it ducked off between the two of them. they were running, hopping and whatever it took to get away from the little thing.


I thought this was a pretty picture. It is down at Branson Landing. We didn't get to stay long and go to the stores maybe we will next year. But we did go in the Bass Pro shop.

Down town Branson

Dukes of Hazard! We just saw the car not the people.

Dixon, MO

Levi took this picture behind our bus. It has a baby in it's pouch. I didn't even know they had a pouch.

Wax Musuem

This guy's eyes followed you when you walked past him!

Wax Museum

This is all life size in the wax museum. Wow it is awesome!

Wax Museum

This place was cool! Boy did everything look real. Then about half way through there is a desk and this lady was there. I walked by and she moved. scared me a little and I told her "man you look real"! she laughed and laughed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Silver Dollar City

Triple L on the Gazebo Stage Day 2 of the week. We are having great crowds that is really neat to play for that many folks.

Silver Dollar City

Fire Dept. of the Silver Dollar City!

Silver Dollar City

More pictures of the park. This was taken in the morning early before all the people got there.

Silver Dollar City

We took some pictures of the different things in SDC. This place is on about a quarter section of land, and when you walk in the gates you step into a fantasy world set way back in time. There are shops of all kinds, including a taffy making factory, baseball bat making, black smith, glass blowing, bakery, saloon, homemade ice cream, doll shops, and many many more. They are all built in old time buildings. I will try to post some of these. Plus stage shows of great music and roller coasters!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Silver Dollar City

This is the first stage show Monday morning. We had four sets in the House of BBQ. Wow, it smelled really good in there. They have a huge building with 5 or 6 different booths selling BBQ and all the fixings! nice nice nice.

Branson, MO

This picture was taken on our way to the little town of Crane, MO to visit with some friends.

Silver Dollar City

Mike and Barbara Greenwood suprised us (well the LLL) by coming to SDC to see us. We were thrilled to see them! They took this picture of us with Jennifer.

Silver Dollar City

This is the road to Silver Dollar City!

Pretty Huh?

Silver Dollar City

This is the first round of the contest!

Silver Dollar City

We are here in Branson, MO! Awesome, beautiful, pollen, water, ticks, water, pollen, beautiful, and awesome! You should come see it. I will post some of the hundreds of pictures I have! Enjoy! We started here at Silver Dollar City's single mic contest! It didn't turn out like we wanted but we were not judging! We did what we could and enjoyed playing for the packed Opry House Theater.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Levi's Fish

Here is Levi's biggest fish he has ever caught! He was pretty excited about it!

Levi's Fish!

It was 22 inches long and around 5lbs! This is Joseph standing there with Levi. It was Joseph's fishing hole!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here is my finished pair of Flip Flop Socks! No they were not a flop! They are to be worn with flip flops, so they have no toes in the socks. If you don't know how to knit you should learn. It is a great way to pass the time and make things for those you love.


Lance still has a chipmonk look but is much better! Thanks for the prayers! Praying for one another is one of the best things we can do!